Shinka: The Last Eevee

Fan Art

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Colored Art

Shad Micah TimeGlitchd Peaches Noble Shad
Micah mcasowl mcasowl mcasowl mcasowl mcasowl
Flame Aezaelia Noble Woo Shad Rio
Mottie Arnisd MatchaGhost Micah Marxwul Shad
Shad venami
mcasowl assrat MRZoet Shad Venami Rio
Assrat Flame-Shadow Shad Aura9301 Shad Bean
Micah Flame-Shadow Shad Woo Rio
Micah Micah Flame-Shadow Shad Woo Rio
Shad & LittleDC RymNotRim venami JamesTheTyphlosion
Shad & Littledc RymNotRim Venami JamesTheTyphlosion


Shad Vale SheepMom Noble Flame Rym
Ziri Mottie Flame Neko Neko Rio
Ziri Mottie Flame-Shadow Neko Neko Rio
Sora Shad Flame-Shadow Flame-Shadow nestkid Noble
Sora Shad Flame-Shadow Flame-Shadow Nestkid Noble