Shinka: The Last Eevee


legendary pokemon and space, eh... seems this sequence will be..... STAR-studded
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Author Notes


thanks for reading! I had a lot of fun reinterpreting Arceus as an ungulate (like an antelope or llama) and doing some stylization for this sequence.


Ooh wow! That’s so good :)
This part will be fun to read... Gives some interesting lore behind the STLE world, might even explain bits of the prologue (The new version of the prologue that is)
OOF so arceus was lonely, that’s sad
This is so pretty!!!
Ooo fancy~! I'm liking this lol
and that's good to hear Silver. lol
I think this is getting to be a good story.
this is a REALLY neat style, im glad you redid all the prologue pages like this!
@cloudpool: aaa thank you! I felt it fit the tone and overall story better.
Poor Arceus
This is getting interesting now!
awww nuuu can we hug arceus D:
I must say, you're approach to Arceus' design has a trace of... elegance, if you will...
I feel bad for the god
Arceus why u so sad
Arceus Starchild
Real Sad boi hours
I see there is no thing around it's waist. Is there gonna be like a backstory for the weird thing around its waist?
@rodneysux69: Nope-- when I designed my version of Arceus, I changed the waist loop into the branching antlers that form around its chest instead :)
@SilverLunarwing: I see.
Absolutely beautiful! I have been wanting to say this for so long! Keep up the great work! Love dis comic!
@Pok91169: thank you so much! :)
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