Shinka: The Last Eevee


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Author Notes

thanks for reading! PROLOGUE HAS BEEN UPDATED! Please make sure to reread those!


And here comes a story!
such a happy monkey
Ive really been loving the expressions in this scene!
Story time!
Oooo, story time!
Stardust to stardust
Woah the new prologue is so mysterious, I love it!
Love the new prologue, it only makes me more excited to see what happens! (Honestly it gave me a really ominous feeling- it's amazing to see how a few words can make people feel different things)
@Sparrow726: thank you! I'd been doing some more plotting for the later chapters and realized the prologue no longer fit the theme and direction the story was taking-- glad you're excited to see what's down the road, bc I'm excited to tell it! :)
"In the beginning, there was nothing. Then, BOOM."
Oh yes I agree
So, essentialy immediently after the big bang then?
I do not encourage anyone to eat stardust, it bad for your tummy.
Oh this is gonna be a good one!
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