Shinka: The Last Eevee


get it he's a "wise guy" and also a "wise guy"
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Author Notes

Thanks for the birthday wishes! Being 25 is weird, lol. Commis sion queue is almost done, so I should be able to update more consistently... I say, when NaNoWriMo is right around the corner!

Thanks for reading! You can find me on dA and Twitter as well.


Life, it is a trial indeed. In fact, it is a trial that holds trials more than everyone could imagine. Whether we keep moving forward with what we believe in, or move on with another belief we set ourselves on. It is up to us to how we keep moving. Though we embark on such a large and wide trial of all trials, nobody could notice it until it is too late or until it is done, or until someone tells it to you directly or indirectly.
@Darvin: And remember boys and girls, life is light yet with deep meanings. We learn and lean onto it as we live it.
I am loving this rune Reader... A good bloke I say.

There is a lot of information in this page and I love it! Great work Silver :)
Great advice from the wise infernape!
So they will be going on a self changing journey? Sounds fun. Keep up the good work!
I like this guy.
i know i just said this but like....such pretty backgrounds. i love how when he's explaining about change the background.... changes! its a really neat detail
@cloudpool: thank you so much! That panel was my favorite to paint :)
*Snicker* I'm liking this guy lol
Loving this, especially that little panic attack there for Nick. XD
@SilverLunarwing: 31 days ago, I hit 50. Think 25 is weird? Just wait, It gets better....weirder, but better. Sorry, I can't come up with any unused cliche for "Change", you've probably already heard most of them, both good and bad. Life, and all it's complexities, truly is what we make of it, and our true selves is what determines how we deal with life.
Loving your comic. I've re-read it two or three times now. Keep up the great work! Your appreciated. :)
@Troy8140: oh god, I literally cannot imagine myself at 50! Glad life gets better with age, haha! Thanks for the kind words! :)
I see an opponent!
Nick's face in pannel 5 is just soo cute
I love this
@Scafftale Bryan: I couldn’t have said it better myself
Lol late but lol
If I'd got this comic in my faves sooner, I'd have known about your Birthday! My regrets for not doing it sooner, and a very belated Happy Birthday to you.

As it turns out, I too am 25 (as of July 23)

As for the comic page itself, I can see superstition being the root of a few things here... and Life is indeed a challenge...
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