Shinka: The Last Eevee


it's not a curse, it's digiorno
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Author Notes

Thanks for your patience; been swamped with work lately and I have to make sure I don't injure my shoulder more.

My birthday's on Thursday! That'll be fun I hope

Thanks for reading! Make sure to check out the fanart and extras which have been updated!


@SilverLunarwing: oh!!! happy early birthday then! also such a pretty page, ur backgrounds are always so nice
@cloudpool: thank you! :3 I enjoy painting them so I'm glad they're appreciated!
ah ha!!! no one expects the spanish inquisition! this page is choreographed really well
@SentryBeat: Your right no one expects it. I also agree that this page was done very well you can really understand the character's feelings even though neither talk till the last panel.
I love the candles!! So pretty!
Happy borfday for Thursday!
@DarkFlameOSecrets: thank you!
background liepard aaaaaa
Happy early birthday!
@littlekirby61524: thank you! C:
Happy b-day mate! Ave a good one!
@Gamegod018: Thank you! I will!
Holy cow, happy early birthday then!
I didn't get you anything...
@darth deebious the wise: thank you for the birthday wish :)
@SilverLunarwing: Happy Early Birthday I hope it is good. Also this was a really well done page so good job.
@Flamel: Thank you! And thank you once more-- I'm glad the scene transition here moved fluently
Well by the time I’m reading it it’s tomorrow, so I hope you have a great time!
@Jellyblob: Thank you! I'm planning on going out to dinner so I know that'll be good :)
Happy Birthday!

Also does anyone else notice the police from earlier are in the background? :3
if you replace the "nka" with a "t" you get a curse tho
Hope. Mine went bad so good luck
I love the emotions, it's not very often you find art with that much detail, but not so much detail that it looks derpy! Great job!
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