Shinka: The Last Eevee


when you joke abt your anxiety/depression too much and forget it's actually a serious problem
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Author Notes

Thanks for reading! Going on vacation next week, so I'll try to have a buffer page since I won't be able to work on the comic then.


Oh yes poor eevee
Nick about to have a more sensitive convo... This will be interesting
Where are you headed if I may ask?
@mrjacob77: I'm thinking it's some kind of rune that says, "hey, you're gonna get special abilities" or something. That, or it could be that he just has some unnatural skill of manipulating his own fate, and the fates of those around him.
@mrjacob77: Out west to visit some friends :)
Have fun!!
Well this might take another turn... Ok, now I am intrigued by what may happen next.
Nick is about to get some words of wisdom I hope!
YES go get some therapy it'll help

*Stop it, .... gets some help*
My opinion of Allister has done a full 180 thanks to this page, I like him now~
@Nashew: heeheeee yes good yes c: He is a good guy at heart!
Absolutely splendid writing in this page! Combined with the lore in the previous and how things are evolving, it's so interesting seeing where things will go! Amazing job!
@GreyCorsola: Thank you so much, that means a lot! About to hit some lore pretty soon once Nick remembers how to breathe. Glad you're enjoying the story!
I'm glad that guy has a heart, it was obvious Nick was starting to freak out.

Also, this art style is amazing!
@DreamersNeverDie: Thank you so much! :) and yeah, Allister is actually a sweetheart, even if no one gives him the time of day.
At last I am able to comment here! I must say, things are looking pretty grim already. I'm afraid of where this is going, but I want to see what comes next
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