Shinka: The Last Eevee


allister: laughs @ own joke
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Author Notes

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(No idea where I am going with this comment lol)
Oooh more rune name information. Very interesting. Also it's cool the rune readers sort of know each other. I wonder how they became acquainted.
@WriterRaven: Same I am also interested in how they acquaint with each other...

Universe: Ooh, by the way... There is also this rune reader over here, so yea. Should go and meet them some time.
Rune Reader: Aah sik, lets go
@WriterRaven: It's kinda like how all professionals in a niche field inevitably know each other. There might only be ten people who have PhDs in Devonian-era metamorphic structures in central Europe, but you can bet those ten people all know of one another.
@SilverLunarwing: That is such a niche field to use for this example but it works. XD
Ahhhh, Ok hahaha
So he'd be... Nick'ei'Shinka then, right?
Gust of wind: *exists*
Eclipse: Red alert, Red alert! Save the children and run!
I love this idea with the runes! I keep wanting to know more about them! :D
Hmm... I too see disaster in every gust of wind...
Or maybe I'm just pessimistic XD
@SilverLunarwing: Aside from the fact that I REALLY love Allister (I was wondering if we'd see him again!) I'm loving some of the panel structure here and the colour scheme/lighting going on in the last few pages.

I also really appreciate how your pokemon species are often so fitting for the characters' personalities. Eclipse foreseeing disaster in EVERYTHING is such an absol trait, I'd be laughing right there along with Allister. Love getting more of that sweet, sweet rune lore. I'm sure he'd have a lot of it to share with our young Nick.
Hrmmmm. Grumpy Absol.
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