Shinka: The Last Eevee


brass monkey, that funky monkey
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Author Notes

Allister updated on the Cast List. :)

Have you seen the Extras page? There's tons of extra content there-- seasonal wallpaper for your desktop, monthly cellphone wallpapers, and a link to the current fan count milestone when I inevitably delete it from the comics list here! Good stuff!

Thanks for reading! My shoulder is bothering me a little so I'm taking it slow.


Oh hey he's cool.
Interesting... haha I kinda like this guy. xD
Survival of the fittests
Interesting that he has no flame. I wonder why it's gone.
@WriterRaven: According to the cast listing, it's because he's old so his fire fizzled out.
@Ngamer01: The cast list just says his fire is gone, not that he's so old it went out. But maybe that's why.
So it begins... The conversation
I'm guessing that that'll be a thing like how the tarot cards were used in jjba:sdc (jojo's bizarre adventure : stardust crusaders) that would be awesome
Ok Yod- I mean...
Allister *wink wink*
When did Nick get a feather behind his ear?
@Espeon Person: ho-oh festival~! It also mentions it earlier in the chapter
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