Shinka: The Last Eevee

800 fans!!!

thank you thank you thank you
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Author Notes

thank you thank you thank you!!!

I drew a little fake anime screenshot of what Ziggy and Marge are up to while the rest of the chapter is going on. :P

My commissions and owed art queue is almost done! Thanks for your patience and love <3


That tail is giving me some looks
Congrats Silver, well deserved!
I bet Greg wants some.
I like how the tails has its own hat
Well deserved for a well performed artist!
Wow noice
Congratulations! I’ve been reading and following this new iteration for some time and figured I ought to get better at writing comments. It’s really shown how much you’ve grown as both a writer and an artist since the old STLE. The style you have for this one all comes together in a really neat way. Your characters and backgrounds blend so well together. Great attention to detail with your lore as well and seeing how it directly (and indirectly) impacts this world.

Loving a lot of the relationships between these characters. Grace is especially a real cutie and I love the dynamic between the three friends! Love how you never miss out on a good pun opportunity either (the lichen rock was a personal favourite).

Love seeing your art, especially your comics! Keep up the good work. :D
@Machamrick11: you are without a doubt the sweetest human being on the planet
It's been so long Oh my god it's been so long that I don't even remember what happens anymore! All I remember is that the original really captured me... I hope this one will do the same too!
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