Shinka: The Last Eevee


nick: i have a daring plan-- we sneak out of town and go to the fellwood so we can find moss and save our forest!
josie: ok but we'll have to lie
nick: >:O
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Author Notes

I made a news post about it, but pages have been delayed because of commission work-- I work as a freelance illustrator, so commissions are my primary source of income and take precedence over pages. I've also been playing catch-up with patreon content since I've been traveling! Good god. But hey, I got this page done this week, and if my shoulder and my life behave I should be able to get back to a vaguely normal schedule? Without burning out? Hhaha

Thanks for reading! <3 If you want to make my day, leave a comment with what you enjoy about the comic!


Nicky boy come on lying is bad.
That’s so pureeeee Nick you are a wholesome boi
Nick is too pure for this world

I think one of my favorite parts of the comic (especially in this chapter!) is the atmosphere and colors you use to deliver mood. I think you do a fantastic job! :D
My favorite part of the comic is the characters, you’ve fleshed them and their bonds out so well and I L I V E to see their interactions~
It's hard to decide what my favorite part is, honestly. The characters are all great, and seeing how they have grown from the original is amazing. As Shadow said, I love the backgrounds, and how the colors set the mood. This entire festival scene just feels so warm, and another of my favorites is the forest with all the gray color in it.
Did somebody say BEANS?!
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