Shinka: The Last Eevee

Ch. 3 cover

things are about to heat up
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Author Notes

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Thanks for your support, see you next week probably. #depression

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Ooh, fire :)
I am looking forward to all the character development in this chapter...

Hope your ok btw...
here we go
It begins!
FIIIIIIIREEEEEEEE! *techno music intensifies*
Oh, beautiful fire, why art thou beautiful but destructive......
Arsonry is always the answer
*Through the Fire and Flames plays in the background*
That looks gorgeous!!! The contrast between the night sky and the warm fire looks amazing, it makes for a fantastic atmosphere!!
More pages of cute and cuddly pokemon! More~! Your fans DEMAND IT~! :D
if only this were a thing in the real world
fire everywherrreeeee
huh i can't wait till next week see ya
I bet there's a showdown.
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