Shinka: The Last Eevee


but what about that shadowy place?
that is beyond our borders. you must never go there, simba.
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Author Notes

Chapter two is almost over! Thanks for sticking with it!

Pages are up early for patrons btw if you don't want to wait for the once a week updates. Just to test who reads these, comment below with your favorite character. The next stretch goal is two extra updates a month, which would be awesome and make the story go by a lot faster! ;)

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Reese offering "other medication" and immediately getting embarrassed about it is a big mood.
Aw poor Reese he's trying!
Oh no, he's sort of become a curse symbolically and literally
Reese is one of my favourite characters ;)
My fav character so far is probably uhhh Nick? He's just a Litle Boy....... Trying His Best
My favorite is either Reese or Nick tbh!! Reese is a solid mood and Nick is the Goodest Of Goods TM
great page!
Favorite caracter... faaavorite caraaaacter. Yeah no i havent been able to pick one of those yet. For what it's worth so far so good on malking the lot interesting. Gonna be fun to see what you've got coming up.

I'm not sure who my favorite is, but I really do like Nick and Jodie's relationship thus far!
Interesting to me that Reese actually noticed Nick's little episode. Is he ACTUALLY hallucinating, rather than just reminiscing?
I love Reece so much.
I'm really not sure who to pick for a favorite character, everyone is so unique. Reese has really stood out to me though, probably because he has so much more character then he did in the old comic!
note that reese just was what??? on that part.
@SilverLunarwing: what is he nervous about?
Silver you can’t just ask me to pick favorites like that :(
Hmm favorite character...
Probably Nick, Reese or Lu, I luv em all!
My favorite is definitely Josie, although you can probably tell why by my profile pic
Best character is obviously Greg. In all seriousness though, I'd have to say probably Nick.
XD I can’t get over Reece’s reactions
My favourites are probably Reece and Grace....

I like cats.
I'm really loving Grace!!!! she's the Only Girl fight me
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