Shinka: The Last Eevee


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Author Notes

my shoulder hurts again

enjoy my labor, thanks for reading

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And so, main characters meet each other. That will be interesting. *I fear cliffhangers*

Also, get better soon c:
Prayer for your shoulder :)

Things are getting interesting
I wonder what nick is there for, a conversation with them about something?
Oh I love the color shift! Missed these warm colors,,,

Take care of your shoulder,,!! Don’t stress it
@ShadowStalker1128: Me too haha! It felt so nice to pick out the lighting colors for this scene

and hahahaha I'll try! :^)
Dang... @SilverLunarwing: Well, hope you don't hurt as much in the near future. You did good on this comic page as well. Nice Job!
well nick looks like he want's to talk.
Nick seems unsure. Poor kid, that one guy probably scared him half to death
Uh oh.
One should never say they trust something as far as they could throw it if said thing is tiny
@Nashew: Reece is, in fact, an idiot
@SilverLunarwing: But he's a floofy idiot so it's okay~
It's me or the design of the drawing is something different, something better.
@Macbro-213PKM: Nothing's changed but glad you like the art!
Man I love this comic, Also take care of that shoulder.
And then Josie attacks Reece and screams insults
@Silver Eevee: the forgotten Cursed Timeline
Poor thing... if its it the shoulder you draw/write with...

*pat pat*
hdfkhjsdh i know this is a minor thing but i love how there are two handles on the door
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