Shinka: The Last Eevee


well that can't be good
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Author Notes

Congrats to the winners of the 10th anniversary contest: mcasowl, MRZoet, and assrat! Thanks again to everyone who entered!

The end times? Yikes, that sounds bad, but I'm almost certain we've heard that somewhere else before...

I'm trying to keep updates regularly but I've still got this infection and I actually have a medical procedure scheduled for early January, so. lmao. we'll see

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Well that escalated fast
"Well I like the sound of it!"

"It means everything is gonna end and we're all doomed."

@Shadow-Charmeleon: pretty much lol
Welcome to: Nick does things he regrets part three
@venami: ROFL Well, you gotta point there.
Lu's face in the second panel, oh boy, she knew what's up,
Do not tell me they're going to fight :"v
Awwww Nick, now look what you have done. You've fallen down a hill, touched a rock, and triggered the apocalypse.
@Zirilon: Well dat sucks, Bad luck indeed.
Goddamnit Nick this is why we can't have nice things
Superstitious much?
When a mega absol of all people tells you that the end is near you better believe it or else die.
oh no
Jeez If that was a curse, well... flip. There wen't her/his life. Then again, why be so harsh absol? He (Assuming that he is male... Sorry if it isnt!) just doesn't know about some of that stuff.
Also, silver.. Hope you are better, don't push yourself and take a rest.
Soooooo, you recon I could make some popcorn off of the heat of the absol’s rage?
rip in heccing peace
wow she got mad so easily.
Okay but the mightyena in panel two tho
@MouseWithADinosaurTail: the poor bby got spooked
Me: *clicks link*
HAAAY it's an absol...
*Cricket noises*
Short Comic Latest updated page already speaking about the end? Short comic, no? (Not really, but I am upset that the next button is broken.)
@Dovahquill: Monday is when the comic updates, so check back then. I've got at least 10 chapters planned.
Wow, Nick really doesn't know how to read the tone of a situation, does he?
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