Shinka: The Last Eevee


don't worry, I'll make the joke next page
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Author Notes

Everything's fine, Nick :) You just happened to touch something you really, really shouldn't have. Curiosity killed the fox, I guess.

---- The Usual ---
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Hey, I was right about something? There's a first time for everything, I suppose.

Also, I like how Nick still stands out in this area of the woods, even though he's brown somehow it stands out from the rest of the area? It looks nice.
@Ventimon: Thanks! That was the intention with the color choices for this scene :) Golden brown contrasted against desaturated brown-gray and green-gray.
Mossy rock. yeeeeee. Forshadowing!
@9rainbowtails: Chekhov's mossy rock ;)
Leafeon evolution incoming?
Plot twist: The rock was actually a Geodude!
From the looks of it... It could be a Glaceon evolution rock. (AKA an Ice rock) because the background looks as if it snowed, While the rock looks like it has stuff covering it. Although I think its possible that I could be wrong. Just a guess after all! Nice work!

(Then again, moss is grosser than snow. It could also me moss covering ice! Ugh, Im so confused.) ;P
but the leafeon is a completely different character i think?
@kestral: Leafeon speaks the type for itself, its a Grass type. Glaceon is an Ice type. (Both speak for themselfs as far as names.)
@Umbreon5456: ahaha gotcha
@Umbreon5456: Nnnope, Deepwood Forest is in the southern half of Erresuma (see world map in the menu bar). It's still mid-autumn in the comic, so snow won't fall for another while yet. Icy rock is up in the Freeze, a tundra area way in the north part of the map.
Ohhhhhhh *Head desk* @SilverLunarwing: I guess that makes more sense. But then that brings the curiousity of what that stuff is. It looks like snow in a way. Ehh, only time will tell I guess.
@Umbreon5456: It's lichen; Nick mentions it in panel 2. It just looks white because it's dry and malnourished, as is the rest of this section of forest.
@SilverLunarwing: Ohh gotcha
Nick is precious, even when he's touching things he shouldn't~
A..dead rock?

..Or is it alive???
everyone be saying 'it be a mossy rock! LEAFEON EEVEELUTION!'

But the rock in his 'necklace'

is it an everstone?

Ah, I've thought of it all *winks mischievously*
..And here we see a Ravenclaw.
@DarkFlameOSecrets: oh wow, I forgot about his necklace. I'm glad you pointed that out, now we know that the stone is probably an evolution stone, just didn't work due to the everstone.
Ah sugar, I was meant to reply to TerrytheTeryx’s comment on my comment

Life’s just pecha berryy ain’t it!?
Upon touching the moist rock... Thunder cracks through the sky...

Why did nick need to touch it? Hope he is not the permanent winner of this Hide and Seek game... That would not be good
@AssaultBird2454: Ya... ^_^; That would suck. I would rather loose then win if its permanent like that!
The rock wouldn’t make him evolve though, right? Maybe he’ll evolve when he takes off his everstone necklace
@Silver Eevee: Or if something takes it off first :)
@SilverLunarwing: OH

@SilverLunarwing: OHHHH Ya.... I forgot about that too.
@SilverLunarwing: Dang you put thought into your comics. XD I would mess up so bad... I mean, I would draw and do great on that sort of thing but hiding the facts...? I would mess up somehow.
I love this comic…I was thinking about doing a dub of this. Is that ok?
@Plushy: Thank you, but not at this time.
I would take offense if I was a bigger HP fan

And before anyone says it, not the tech store
Hmmmm Hmmmmmmm,I am so ready for the next page! I have soooo many questions.
@Jurmala: I dont think touching that rock was a good idea nick, WHY DID YOU DO THAT NICK? *slams head on screen*
Dang I can’t join
omy god i got mildly scared

i thought in the last panel that the two legs facing the viewer were his hind legs with the others as his fronts doing a


different walk XD
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