Shinka: The Last Eevee


nothing bad can possibly happen

Author Notes

Thanks for reading! :)

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Lu almost getting stuck in panel five and then immediately trying to fit again is beautiful.
@Ventimon: she sure dives into problems head-first eh
I'm betting Lu get their head stuck and cant get out XD
Haha, this is going to end very well :)

Great work Silver, keep it up... I always look forward to your comic pages ;)
@AssaultBird2454: Oh naturally haha
And thank you!! :) <3
Oooooh, I am excited to see what he finds at the end of that trail!
this page is so gorgeous!! i love the way you paint your settings, and this forest is amazing to look at!!!
@RioBlitzle: oh thank you! <3 I love painting forests and natural environments, which is good because a solid chunk of the story will take place out in the wilderness
nick looks like he's enjoying it.
Try a little harder, Lu. I think you'll fit.
I love how adorable he looks in the 7th panel