Shinka: The Last Eevee


"I smell like wet WOLF, thank you!"
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Author Notes

Thanks for reading! Who's your favorite character so far? (Bonus points for why!)

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Thanks for all your kind words!! <3 I'm gonna post a bonus page this Thursday since I got one finished earlier than expected <3


it is very funny in panel 5
Josie's my favorite character so far, partly because of her personality, and partly because of how Quilavas are some of my favorite Pokemon.
Favorite character? Guess it's Reece so far for not beeing to serious and kind of funny but I'm curious for every new character to come. It's just the beginning.
I'm really loving Grace so far!! She's still got her uplift and quirky personality from the previous STLE, but she's more fleshed out now and so fun to see on screen!! Every character has taken a giant leap in this comic thus far, and I'm enjoying every bit of their interactions, but Grace has been my favourite to watch!!! Funny, quirky and overall just what I like to see in optimistic characters!! Great job on the amazing comic!! I can't wait for more!!!
Let's go lesbians let's go

Uhh as for fav character- it's really hard to choose, they're all already very likeable in their own ways, haha! I'm gonna run with Nick he seems very Nice but it could be. Literally Anyone
So far I adoooore Reece and I can't wait to see more of his relationship with Syena and the other characters!!
But truly you've done a great job so far with making all the characters likable and unique in their own way!!
I like the Eevee because Eevee and Eevee evolutions are my favorite. It's like natural to me.
I really like these new characters so far. :3 The mightyena and the raichu.
slkdkjdfsj dont make choose
i love them all so far

but if i had to choose its prolly reece or grace
they goofy
Aw man I love everyone in this comic so far but I think my favorite has carried over from the previous versionm and is therefore Reece.

Harmless fun~
grace hdkajfjdj we stan a gay queen w a cute ass personality
I'm..actually kinda scared to speak my opinion on this relationship. On one hand I don't mind it but....still...I.....*Sighs* I'm just digging myself a grave at this point aren't I?
She comes in to like two panels and says no words, but Laurel, Nick's dead mom, is my favorite.
I don't know why but for some odd reason I fin that Nick is my favorite character so far...(P.S can we rp plz?)

Favorite character? Probably what you're expecting, but Grace has been super fun to watch!! In the original, we didn't get much of her sas, but it's very evident and hilarious to watch here! Keep up the great work!
Favorite character would have to be Nick or Grace,but i like Nick slightly more
To be honest, so far I've loved them all so much I can't really decide on a favorite. They just have delightful designs and personalities and the way they interact with each other makes it even more enjoyable for me.
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