Shinka: The Last Eevee


Ha! Pinned ya again.
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Author Notes

Nothing like a race through the woods on a pleasant early autumn day, eh, Nick?

I've updated the Fanart page to include some beautiful new sketches! Check em out! :)

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Prologue Page 3 has been edited to reflect story changes...


Is that Loup!? I didn't think he'd come back!
@Ventimon: It is! Her new name is Lu and she's a girl! :)
Ah! One of my old favorites! <3
@SilverLunarwing: is she trans i support her
RIP Nick, he's frickin' dead. xD
@Nashew: my poor son
That gota hurt
I'm wondering if you a-lu-ded to what happened here.
Oh ouch, he got one-upped.
Oof. I'm sure ol' Nick could take a pounce or two, but man.
wow that's so happy that he got sad.
You goteem, Lu!
ya gotta go fast ;3 looks like someone was too slow
welp What pokémon is Loup tho :o ?
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