Shinka: The Last Eevee


time to see who's been paying attention...
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Author Notes

PSA I will be out of town starting this Friday into mid-August! Pages will be pre-set with pre-set comments! There's only a few more in chapter one, though, so I'm spreading them out one a week (then probably a filler until I get back to my laptop).

Did you find the secrets?

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Why hello there fren
I'm actually getting a Maleficent vibe from that Murkrow, you know?
Time to report back to the evil master.
@TerrytheTeryx: >:3c
Cuddle pile!
Looks like we have our selves our Auranova spy of the week.

plus spoopy birb >:C begone
Stop staring at these innocent children, scary birb.
*kaepora gaebora theme plays*
Do you want me to explain everything again?
Yes <
Aww! They're sleeping together X3
Such a cute pile of beans.
Is that luponny back?
Scary word birb.Too spoopy
Oh Purugly Mom, its only gonna get worse from here
they sleep in a pile that is so cute omg
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