Shinka: The Last Eevee


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Author Notes

For the first time since restarting the comic, I have a buffer!! Come back later this week for my one (1) extra page...

I just put up a new cover, which is actually from the cellphone wallpaper I've released on Patreon! The lower-res jpg with watermark is available for the public, but the high-res png is for patrons only <3


Awww, poor Reece.
Ahh I love how 'summery' the new cover feels!
Also: the expressions in the last two panels are magical.
i love it when two characters do the same thing at the same time
xD also I love the design og that Luxray!
Well that was a much smoother first meeting with these two than the original series. I think.
gotta love those two, tho.
Ah yes, the bushy eyebrows.
i'm super glad to have discovered that you're in the process of rebooting Shinka, as the original comics were my main inspiration to keep drawing as 13 year old. i'm really digging the new and improved style, i'm looking forward to reading this as it updates
@assrat: Glad to hear it! STLE's back and better than ever if I do say so myself; hope you enjoy the reboot!
i love nick's face in the first panel
I always loved the duo XD
If I were identified by "big bushy eyebrows", I would tbh be quite offended XD
I discovered this comic awhile back, but I’ve never seen the originals...
Makes me wish to see them...
I like to see side by side comparisons.
Why is there never an edit button for me....
To continue on what I just said, you do an amazing work....
Can I please have my edit button now? No? Darn...
@ScienceGamer01: The originals will be released as a stretch goal on Patreon.
@LightEclipse: If you're amazed now, just wait until chapter two ;)
heh they look so disa-pointed ;3 (cuz they do when they pointed)
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