Shinka: The Last Eevee


Nick isn't just Lawful Good, he's Lawful Stupid
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Author Notes

I don't really like this page but :/ hey at least I have a page set in advance for once. Enjoy, come back next week for more stupid decisions Nick & co make because they're all some spectrum of good-aligned citizens.

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Eevee Boy is my favorite superhero
Eevee Boy And Friends: Coming to a theater near you!
and this is how rescue teams form
yay the first swearword
Your icon is disturbing
@Guest 666: fear
Arcanine salty af
and there go the children
@EeveeEon: The Child Does Go
Cheap goods plus offering extras which can announce this kind of the main benefit of the skepticism. deffeegddgee
Eevee-boy & Friends sounds like a superhero team name XD
That poor unsuspecting haunter.
UPDATE My relatives are visiting this week and I haven't had the chance to work on page 20-- and I won't be able to start lining it until Monday at the earliest.

Late update week of 6/3. Thanks for understanding.
Damnit it you three
Nick's Bizarre Adventure
Eevee boy and random ppl
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