Shinka: The Last Eevee


butch lesbian arcanine is having NONE of this bullshit
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Author Notes

Depression's at it again, but here's a page anyway!!

Check out the Fanart page if you haven't already! There's beautiful art by beautiful friends! Want to contribute? Shoot me a PM with a link to your art!

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The girafarig has a hat on his tail, please tell me he's a reoccurring character <3
@Ventimon: OMG I didn't even see that
@Ventimon: He and Marge are both on the cast page now-- they'll pop in now and again during scenes in Kyanite. :)
I love the salty lesbian arcanine
Arcanine’s face on the fourth panel is priceless
heyyy i remember that arcanine! wasnt Meteor a member of one of your in-game pokemon teams? FireRed, i think, i can recall seeing a picture of your team on Deviantart years ago!

also this lopunny is ridiculously dramatic i love it
@RioBlitzle: She is! Meteor's her nickname, in-comic her first name is Marge :) I'm going to be using some of my old teams as background characters throughout the story!
screw the police the kids will take care of everything
Jose’s facial expression doesn’t match her flame color. Why? Did you take the Mood Flame out? Nooooo I liked the Mood Flame.
@12AbbyRainbow: ....yes it does? It's tinged with red. It's subtler, but it's there.
I just thought Itd be more red
Whys the popo so upset. Jello at not bring told info and instead kids being the ones told?
I smells a scam in progress. Too much heartstring plucking, not enough details on the perp.
unfortunately ill have to be a thief cause i want me one of those hats~! *SWIPE*
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