Shinka: The Last Eevee


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Author Notes

In case folks don't know, I'm gonna be updating a little sporadically during May because my plate is full with some other work.

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Shoutout to WriterRaven for covering STLE's return in the recent Pokemon Crossroads art community article!
Late update again. Depression.


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Thats all folks
Well, then.
I love how you drew that Servine!
@WriterRaven: Was just about to say the same!
@WriterRaven: Aw thanks! He sells shave ice on the streets from his little cart :)
to be fair, if a mysterious old man took my money, told me i had a mysterious fate and then started yelling at me in the middle of town, i'd leave too.
alright monkey dude you need to find a better presentation method pfft

i love that last panel X3
*plays kecleon thief theme*
Oh? :D
when I read the word "shinka" I remembered the time when I played Pokemon fushigi no danjon aka no kyuujotai, I have a bugged pikachu member in the team and everytime I look at the bottom of his info page it always says "shinka: ima ha shinka dekinai" and it irritates me.
I really really really love how you draw servine!
It just now clicked...question...
Shouldn’t the Infernape’s hood be on fire?
@ScienceGamer01: All will be revealed in time. ;)
Is the Infernape all enraged & whatever now? No? The. It should NOT be on fire, in which it is not
OH gawsh here we go!
I'm guessing Nick got the blank rune cuz he's an Eevee and they can evolve into lots of things from fire to water and others!
Shinka Isn't "Shinka" "Evolve" in Japanese?
When I was a kid I watched Pokemon and Digimon at the same time and I still watch them today. I realized now that in the Japanese sub they always say "Shinka!" when they evolve so I guess that's what it means.
Ware wa nanji... nanji wa ware… Ware wa nanji no kokoro no umi yori izuru-mono…

Freakin Persona up in dis, boi~! Yeah! The eevee's a Fool.
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