Shinka: The Last Eevee


*1920s gangster voice* nyah, see?
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Author Notes

This was my favorite page to work on so far in the chapter. :D

I'm fiddling with the site coding, so bear with me... the archive section got messed up and I'll get around to fixing it soon I promise ;_;

We just reached the first stretch goal (once a month, patron-exclusive tutorials!!) so now is an excellent time to become a patron and support me and the comic! <3 I'll also be releasing HD comic page PDFs at the end of each chapter... and the next stretch goal is monthly request streams. Exciting times!
Thursday's page might be late, just a heads-up. Health reasons.


yep totally harmless XD
It’s just like kicking siblings down the stairs! Harmless fun~
Relatable XD
Making my way downtown, walkin fast, casually electrocuting locals
Best way to introduce a character. I feel like they're gonna be a lot of fun
@venami: but since it was published on April Fools, they're obviously not gonna be like that. ;)
@RandomEgg: That was a horrible joke
shocking, isnt it
*Claps hands excitedly* All the old characters are being reintroduced! Plus, some new ones! I think one of the things I am most excited for in this reboot comic is the simple fact that there are 7th generation Pokemon in this story. It just makes me happy to see a few thus far, and hopefully even more in the future. Well done as always, @SilverLunarwing . The art is fantastic and vibrant, and I look forward to more of your fantastic work! Have an excellent day!

"Reece they're fricking dead"

@Nashew: Pokemon only faint in battle...
@Alleon: Okay. You keep on tellin' yourself that. =)
"Harmless Fun"

Suuuure, Reece. XD
Whatever floats your boat, Reese.
Everythings fine, as long as they still move;)

Nice comic. Looking forward for more^^
harmless fun, see?

I'm sorry, please forgive me- i have sinned ;3;
All's fine, it's just fun, HARMLESS fun. Don't mind the "Super effective" at the bottom of the screen.
That Luxuray is a lot more expressive than his previous incarnation
in the beginning Reece was the spikey edge. Even sharper than Rayle’s good looks. I don’t know why I said that. But.. everything changed when Reece discovered the power of #pranks aka harmless fun. Now he pranks every single day. He even got a YouTube account for his #pranks. But...hobby turned into an obsession. He could not go a day without his prank fix. His subscribers demanded more. Reece himself demanded more. His pranks became more dangerous, for he needed bigger thrills as the addiction grew. Now, it has reached the point where he electrocutes innocent civillians for a bit of “harmless fun”. Syena thinks it’s unhealthy. But all Reece responds with is “It’s just a prank bro!”
(it is the middle of the night and I don’t know what I’m doing)
Middy you are a genius
It´s harmless, see!


JK. I approve of this harmless fun, see?
Just some harmless fun,see?harmeless fun,see
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