Shinka: The Last Eevee


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Author Notes

True friends ride together or die together.

I edited the file sizes (shrank by 50%), hopefully this fixes some readability issues folks seem to be having.

Thanks for reading!

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I can read the page on my computer now, thank you. ^w^ also hahaha!
Hahha oh no! You two will suffer the wrath of Josie! Everybody runnnnnnn!
Oh, No, No, No, No, No, No.... *Bursts Out Laughing*
You know owo I have had a class half asleep with me and few other awake let just say the people who fell asleep failed their test
Tfw you’re the only one that listens to Professor Cinaed
Rip him
For instance, some vandals have been polluting Deepwood Forest

And you guys have to listen bc that's what the point of the story is about XD
@LightEclipse: I was wondering who'd take the time to read the text I'd sneaked in there...
they're in trouble XD
I read it too, which is why I wrote my comment like that.
Although I can’t make out what one of the words in there is ...
I wonder if the professor will ever realize they fell asleep =u=

Aw snap noticed that they have questions to focus on, they gonna faaaaail D:
Right side is still cut off a bit for me TBH.
Thats so me in class, one minute your up, next thing you know..ZZZZzzzzz
lol that's me every class I keep sleeping in class except math(my favorite subject)
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