Shinka: The Last Eevee


school? *scoffs* not today
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Author Notes

Thanks for reading!

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Love the art!
I can't read the page. D: Even when I zoom out I can't read it! Can you fix it?
@NikuComics: Are you on mobile, or a tablet? Info about your device helps a lot with solving problems like this.
@RETheUgly: Computer
@NikuComics: the same thing happened to me but it was stuck to the side of the screen
Yes, exactly! :O i had to go on my phone to read it.
owo A Glamemeow (I feel like a butched the name)
If my teacher would make fire birds to present in class, I definitely wouldn’t get as bored as I do XD
Dang their teacher must really like making things with fire if the kids are already bored of it XP
Seems a liittle risky considering that the building looks to be made of mostly wood.

Also I just gotta add that I love that Grace is a more prominent character in this story, she was one of my favorite characters back in the original comic!

My eyes
Love expressions in panel 3!
I don't know, Professor Cinead seems pretty damn enamoured by his Fire Ho-oh there, they could probably get out fine
heheh i love the professor's face X3
I feel you Grace. I really really do. XD
If you talk this much during lessons it's no wonder you failed tests. xD
Takes extra classes, sleeps through them *yey*
Pff, I am already loving this. Don't skip school, kids! You need this stuff in life! ...I think.
@SilverLunarwing: why is the comic page stuck to the side of the screen(the right side)
is that just your art style?
I hate it when my friends are right too
When ya so behind and bored that ya forget that you're getting extra lessons outside of class, and ya wanna ditch :B

Also pretty fire =u= <3
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