Shinka: The Last Eevee


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Author Notes

Welcome! Hey folks! STLE will be updating on its old schedule, Mon/Thurs at 7am EST. You can check when the next page will go up at the top of the website above the navigation bar.

Hope you enjoy!

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Cast Portraits There are a few icons in the characters page, and I'll add more as I get to them. :)


Off to a great start lol
Oh my god, that background in the second panel is glorious. O.O
And hhhhhh, my secret weakness, Delphox with the ear-fur braided!
Nice start! :D
hahah! he braided the fur in his ears!! xDD
second panel is an accurate representation of me
Nick is actually super relatable here XD
YEEOW! Truthfully he's quite relatable. Classes are Booooorrring!~
@SilverLunarwing: Page 1 of Chapter 1: Dumbledore tells Harry a story and Harry falls asleep. :P
'hardworking Eevee'

YEEE it starts great page, Nick is definitely me on the average day.
chapter 1: nick wakes THE FUCK up
Grace used Scratch
It's super effective on the opposing Nick!
Nick I know that you’ve been asleep for two years but it’s time to get your hero game back on
Pain can be helpful sometimes.
This looks Great Love the art style, can't wait to see more.
I like your interpretation of Delphox.
Also looks amazing keep it up!
*External Screaming* It begins!
thats cool their in school
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