Shinka: The Last Eevee


nick wait no this is a plot device wait nick NICK

Author Notes

Make sure you check the previous page for the Friday update I tossed on without notice!

I'm feeling okay today.

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Nick in the last panel is me when anyone says absolutely anything to me
@RioBlitzle: Back when I worked retail, that was an absolute Big Mood
Out of everything going on, I'm still glad to make out that blurred charmeleon in the background =u=
@Shadow-Charmeleon: where even do u see that
@Neolancer: Second panel, above Grace's head
@Shadow-Charmeleon: oh yeaaaaa your right
Josie the homeless person is RIGHT THERE you can't just talk about them like that in front of them
Wow, Josie. Way to a Hypocrite.
Hm, Josie's flame seems to be changing color in the last panel.
@Rin: Yep! Her emotions still influence her fire color, just like last time.
Josie did not like the monkey business
also Nick stick around pls, apparently there is plot to be sniffed out!
Its so good to read a comic from you again i was so sad when you cancelled the other one but hey thats old news. Also really love the art style.
Those words are scams