Shinka: The Last Eevee


Grace finds her true calling: becoming a harmonica player
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Author Notes

Thanks for your patience; I hurt my drawing shoulder and rested it for most of last week, hence the skipped update. Updates will be a little slow while I try not to overwork my muscles again.

Beautiful new fanart by mcasowl, Saturn-Stardust, and ShadowStalker! Also, On Borrowed Time is a new affiliate! Go check them out <3

Reader poll: what's your favorite part of the story so far?


My favorite part so far was the bit with Eclipse! She was cool and the moment felt a lot more dramatic than the rest of the comic thus far (in a good way though)
I love how the Ho-oh looks. Feels like there should be just this giant Mimikyu underneath. I love it.
This would be amazing
Who is sammy?

it's only been like 3 pages but so far I love the atmosphere of this chapter so my favorite part of the story will probably be this one <3 but I thinkkk probably hide and seek in the dying forest with Eclipse :3
Hhhhh, is it weird I really liked Grace's mom lecturing her kids? She just seems like a really good mom to me
I hope Grace follows her passion and becomes a harmonica player someday X3
I really don't think I can choose a favorite part. The comic has just developed so much more then the original did, and the original was amazing. The world just feels so much more complete, and the characters all have a new level of depth to them.
@Sparrow726: That means so much to me hearing that! <3
Sammy looks a bit down... I wonder why...

I love the page silver :) Amazing work, and all chapters are my favourite so far cause i cant pick one chapter as they are all amazing :) but this one is looking to be a real good one and i am excited to see what comes next
That first part with the nightmare.........
Simply becuze of the look of the background, which was epic. Let's see wut else u can do plz
Chapter two I ment sorry lol
favorite part? :3c

'what if I marry a cute girl or something?'
Hrmmmm, Sammy's here, where's Lu? D=
dot eye ho-oh ftw
Late update this week but please enjoy this animatic I'm working on:
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