Shinka: The Last Eevee

Main Characters

Nick (Nicholas) Kind-hearted and considerate, Nick cares deeply for his friends. He lives with Grace and Josie in Kyanite after his parents passed away when he was young. He wears his late mother's everstone around his neck, allowing him to occasionally see hallucinations of her. His rune is Shinka.
Josie (Josephine) Fun-loving and always up for the next big adventure. Her fire is tuned to her emotional state. She ran away from home and currently lives with Nick and Grace, temporarily adopted by Grace's mother. Josie is prideful and easily jumps to conclusions. Her rune is Rasvoj.
Grace (Gracidea Anne) If charisma were currency, Grace would be rich. Nick and Josie are her closest friends, and while her school grades aren't the highest, she does everything as wholeheartedly as she can... except household chores. She and her mother live on the east side of Kyanite near the trail to Andalusite Lake. Her rune is Liri.
Reece A gentle giant who's guilty of more than a few 'harmless pranks' involving static electricity. He helps Syena with her apothecary business on the south side of Kyanite. His roar is worse than his bite. Likes naps more than socialization.
Syena Runs an apothecary shop in Kyanite after inheriting it from the previous owner. She and Reece forage for herbs in the surrounding Deepwood Forest to make potions and tinctures for the general public. While Syena is normally calm, she can get easily stressed. She is strangely fascinated with the bone talisman she and Reece found in the woods.

Kyanite Citizens

Professor Cinaed One of Kyanite Academy's teachers, an old Delphox specializing in history and religion. He is nearsighted and cannot see all the way to the end of his classroom. He is gentle and forgiving-- except on midterms and final exams!
Allister An old Infernape who claims to be a highly accurate fortune-teller. He frequents the courtyard outside the Kyanite temple to charm passersby into having their runes read. His fire is gone, so he cannot use fire-type moves anymore. His rune is Mair.
Officer Marge "Meteor" A member of the Kyanite Police Department. Marge is a no-nonsense Arcanine with bad knees due to excessive partying in her youth.
Officer Ziegler "Ziggy" A member of the KPD. Partners with Marge on most cases; he uses his psychic to take notes. His tail's name is Greg.
Maurice A Haunter in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Anastasia Grace's mother. Lives in Kyanite and is Nick's foster mother. Mom skills: ludicrous.

Deepwood Forest

Lu Member of the Arbor Rangers. Lu is a rambunctious Mightyena who loves sports and making homemade granola. Sammy's girlfriend of five years. Has a rocky relationship with her parents, who have constantly misgendered her since coming out. Her rune is Geist.
Sammy "Sparks" Member of the Arbor Rangers. Sammy is the 5-time winner of the A.R. Summer Relay Race and is lightning quick both on her feet and with a sharp wit. Lu's girlfriend of five years. Can and will fight Lu's parents.
Eclipse Protector of Deepwood's mossy rock. Faced with a mysterious illness corrupting the stone, Eclipse guards it fervently against intruders, as she is too weak to make the journey to the Fellwood for healing moss herself. She is old and mostly blind. Her rune is Basiret.


??? A mysterious cloaked Pokemon who wears a Zygarde mask and uses bone runes for divination.
Zaira A... Dragonair?... who serves as emissary to someone called the "High Emperor". Their personality is a little unpredictable.
Callisto "Callie" A young permanently half-mega Absol who wears an Articuno mask and cloak. She is plagued by a shadow in her dreams and has doubts about her clan's leadership. Soul up for damnation debate.