Shinka: The Last Eevee

Nick the Eevee and Josie the Quilava have a good life. Deepwood Forest is calm, Dynamon City has no shortage of small jobs, and their friendship grows by the day. But after getting a request promising a Lunar Wing-- an item rumored to restore memory-- their lives change forever. Targeted by the shadowy Auranova Industries, Nick becomes the center of a plot to collect the seven evolutions of Eevee, a plan spearheaded by the organization's director Krypton-- a ruthless Lucario with his mind set on conquest. Before they know it, the two young Pokemon are caught in the midst of conspiracy and a destiny greater than they could imagine. Joined by new friends and allies, Nick and Josie fight to reunite and protect their homeland-- before it is destroyed. Beware the calm before the storm. --------- *read RIGHT to LEFT Pokemon (c) Nintendo Characters/story (c) SilverLunarwing Rated T for Teen! --------- 3rd Place in the 2013 Smackie Awards (Gaming)! --------- **DISCLAIMER: NO GEN V OR VI (NO SYLVEON)**

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Finale- Thank You
Finale- Thank You

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