Shinka: The Last Eevee


how in the goddamn do you draw horses

Author Notes

Not happy with this page but it's time I actually finish one to upload (depression is better this week, but guess who has a nasty cold! womp womp)

Put up some exclusive art on Patreon...


Oof distractions

Grace gonna do a rooftop run
Don't fall, kitty!
too harsh on yourself, it's a fine page!
get well soon!
oh no
No worries Silver, get well soon. ^^
This feels so heartfelt, it gives me the euphoric adventure vibes!
Ahh it’s fine get well soon!
For some reason I can't wait to see her knees just,,, fail,,,,
Marge's knee problem kinda reminds me of Shiroemon's shoulder problem
Y'know as much as these three are the heroes, when you put it into perspective that was a terrible idea.
Can Grace just,,,fall off the roof that’d be funny

Tsk, Tsk, Marge...they aren’t ANY kids. They are: EEVEE BOY AND FRIENDS
cmon lads, this is a pretty bad idea, two of you are normal types ffs, what are you going to do against a ghost type? bite him?

but then again, marge running after them is a bad idea too,,,, i can already see her knees failing
Officer Meteor is a really cool name. .o.
@TheMewgon40: Thanks! She's based on the Arcanine I raised in my second FireRed file.
I love how the Giraffarig’s tail has a hat and has a speech bubble line
its been so long since I last read this comic its so cool to see it revamped now! and the improvement in art is amazing too, can't wait to see where its heading next and see some characters make an appearance again
@mystic: Hey, thanks! It's different than what you'd remember, but back and better than ever <3 I've cut out a fair number of old characters (Sol, Blitz, Xenon, Amber and Niche, Shadow, lots of background/tertiary characters) just FYI
@SilverLunarwing: could you do it
how could you do the cursed thing
Niche was my hero...... a valiant soul who was always trying his best. I may or may not have been gay for him.
And now he’s...........gone.........
SilverLunarwing you have killed him. You have killed the man.
@NicheDevotee: He didn't serve any purpose once I rewrote the story.
This is great! Whoa, I just found this and im already super into it! I bookmarked this page so I can come back later and see if you uploaded more!! Keep it up, hope you feel better :)
@Thunder Wolf600: Hey thanks! If you click the heart at the bottom of the page and favorite it on SmackJeeves, it'll alert you when a new page goes up!