20 Dec 2014 11:14 am

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PSA don't believe everything that's being said in this section of the chapter; this entire account is inherently biased ;) were these really the words the former director said? we may never know
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Silver's Comments:

SilverLunarwing, 20 Dec 2014 11:14 am

Surprise! Stealth update. I'm recovering quickly, and I have the energy to draw again, so I finished this page up a few minutes ago and I'll start working on this upcoming week's pages. Thanks for your patience!

Advertisement, 22 Dec 2014 03:11 am

SilverLunarwing, 20 Dec 2014 11:16 am

Replies from Previous @Darako: tbh is anyone really playing fair anymore

@spudwalt (Guest): He enjoys relaying stories of personal triumph. And thank you!

@racingwolf: Thanks! I thought it'd be a neat way to convey character attitude through word choice.

Readers' Comments:

Luigi_96, 20 Dec 2014 11:29 am

A few years later, the page went to the top of a mountain and starting singing a song whilst using his magic to burn everything.

Tijopi11, 20 Dec 2014 01:31 pm

I can't tell- is that a furret?

T-H-E GUY, 20 Dec 2014 03:13 pm

i would say so we must keep in mind silvers incredible drawing style, i thought it looked like a emolga buuuuut no wings*i fail hard* @tijopill:

your past is your past it wount matter but maybe krypton can see resion one day ... one day

AlphaEevee, 20 Dec 2014 06:01 pm

And so the page went on to become the Mad King 2.0

shadowrunner2323 (Guest), 20 Dec 2014 08:00 pm

i'm so glad i randomly checked here XD the "king" is right though, power is a double edged sword a lot of the time.

littlekirby61524, 20 Dec 2014 08:42 pm

Well, I'm happy that you're getting better Silver! And your comic is still amazing!

racingwolf, 21 Dec 2014 03:39 am

The furret has such a cool desgin; I love the glasses.

He doesn't strike me as someone who would say such a thing, but I guess we'll have to wait and find out (well, maybe xD).

blazingdragon123, 21 Dec 2014 02:11 pm

:3 Krypton looks so cute in the first panel!!! I just wanna hug him! (Although he'd probably kill me XD)

shadowdelucario (Guest), 21 Dec 2014 09:32 pm

.3. wow and he looks as if he is going crazy already in the bottom left .3.

ThePsychicClarinetist, 21 Dec 2014 09:41 pm

This is good! Krypton's story is great so far! I'm ready for the rest!

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