Shinka: The Last Eevee

400 fans filler

Thank you!! <333

Author Notes

Thank you all so much! I'm still out of town so for all I know the count could've changed since I drew this a few weeks ago, but I love you all and I'm so grateful for your support <3

Reminder: out of town


Oooh, congratulations! You deserve it!
What do you mean thank you should we be saying that to you for the amazing art which is literally better than mine
* Fishsticks drawing pride sharply fell!*
It's only natural!
Hell yeah it changed, its at 463 right now XD

And it will only grow higher ^^
Congrats! :D
Nice, that is a drawling to save. lol but I might not or I might. I usually save comics and chapters of stuff for offline use or for a later date. I don't use the pictures for anything else.
Ahhhh congrats!
damit filler congrats
Congrats! You and your comic deserve it!
Thank you for making a great comic with such cute characters! Wanna cuddle them so much~...
You're welcome!~
Congrats! I'm gonna be a fan too now